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Data 2000 is a small and friendly web weavery producing and maintaining small websites mainly for artists and art institutions. Sites are produced with readability and maintainability in mind. Contact Data 2000 by e-mailing martin[â]


2009-02-04. Update. Despite it's low tech looks EDIT 2000 has gained some attention by the EDL folks. Inspired by this we have set up a development site using Trac -- in Taiwan, which sadly is not the most responsive web server, to develop new -- and higher tech looking -- versions of EDIT2000. The first release, version 0.2, is in the making.

2008-10-12. Data2000 is happy to announce the very first release of EDIT2000. EDIT2000 is a analysis tool for EDL files, giving the user aggregate information, like average shot length, and a visualization of the shots in the film. The tool is in development, so improvements to both user interface and general functionality will come.

2008-01-24. New website! Artist Ingrid Lønningdal's webpage is now the newest kid in the crew of Data 2000 friends. Welcome!

2007-06-29. Data 2000 is born and online! Happy birthday!



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