user feedback

We are very interested in your feedback. Your feedback will help guide the development of EDIT2000 and remove bugs and quirks.

The quick and easy way to contact us is to send emails to



Sending emails to our email address edit2000[A] will automatically create a new ticket, e.g. like this one: #68, in the development system we're using: trac. We find that using the trac system and its ticketing feature is very helpful for the development of EDIT2000, and (m)any other software projects for that matter.

As far as we know you may send any type of normal email and use attachments, but use as simple technology as possible, i.e. plain text, and use WikiFormatting if possible.

Replying to ticket emails sent by trac is possible. Keep the subject field in your email as is and your email reply will appear as a reply to the ticket in the system, like this 68#comment:2. When you reply including the previous text is not necessary, it is already in the ticket and will only clutter up the ticket.

Having said all this the crucial part is that you give feedback, not that it is in the correct format -- although it will make us very happy!

Bug reporting

If you have found what you believe is a bug or a misbehaviour by the program, please have a look at the FAQ and the list of tickets if it is already identified. If you find it in the list, but think that your situation would shed some more light to what is currently described, please do come forward with your story by adding comments to the ticket or send an email.

If you cannot find your problem described in either the FAQ or in the list of tickets, send an email to edit2000[A] or create a new ticket. Please attach the edl file if possible, include any error messages you might have received from the system and provide enough information in your bug report for us to be able to reconstruct the problem.

New features

If you would really like that EDIT2000 could do this really cool thing X, then really, let us know. Send an email to edit2000[A] or create a new ticket and explain what you want as best you can.

We are just starting up so wishes for more functionality is already on our list, but we would love to share some of your creativity. Take a look in the list of tickets before to submit your wish.

To see what features already exists, and those who don't, see the release notes.

Stay updated

If you want to stay updated on the development of EDIT2000 or your ticket, the best way is to subscribe to one of the many rss feeds available. Whenever you see the rss feed icon in your browser's URL field click it and add it to your favourite rss reader. If you want it all the following link should give you that: