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  1. What is EDIT2000?
  2. What is an edl file?
  3. What is a permalink and how does it work here?
  4. Why doesn't the diagram show?
  5. What does format mean?
  6. AddThis won't add it!

What is EDIT2000?

EDIT2000 analyses your edl file and presents statistical data like Average Shot Length (ASL), shortest and longest edit, both for the whole edl file and per reel. The tools is free to use, so the best answer to this question is perhaps go find out yourself''

What is an edl file?

An edl file is used for film editing. edl is an acronym Edit Decision List. Read more on


Quoting wikipedia (Permalink):

A permalink, or permanent link, is a URL that points to a specific blog or forum entry after it has passed from the front page to the archives.

In EDIT2000 permalinks are implemented to allow users to share the results of an edl analysis by EDIT2000 and not having to save the results in a document and distribute the document. The permalink feature requires the edl file to be stored in the EDIT2000 system and is thus also available for others -- which is the point of the permalink. To send the link to the page, use the AddThis page found on every page.

This is an example of a working permalink:


Why doesn't the diagram show?

Question: I have sent a few edl files through EDIT2000 and always gotten the diagram showing the edit lengths in my edl file, but for this one file it won't work. Why?

Short answer: The likely cause it that your edl file is to big.

What does format mean?

Question: In the upload menu the user is asked to choose a format. What does it mean?

Format is the way the results of analysis is displayed.

There are currently two formats: html and xml.

html is the "normal" webpage display, i.e., the information is displayed for human consumption. The html format is valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

xml is a format for computer software digestion. The xml format contains a lot more information than the html format contains, i.e. all computed time values are given in both timecode, seconds and frames. The html format is based on the xml format, but html format contains less information simply to make it human readable. The xml format used is a EDIT2000 proprietary.

AddThis won't add it!

Question: I would like to share the results of an analysis using the AddThis page function, but the email contains a link which does not give the results but the uploadform.

The reason this that you have not chosen to create a permalink (FAQ: permalink). Your edl file and report is in when not using permalink only stored temporarily and is not available for sharing since the information is not persistent. Go back to the upload menu and tick the permalink checkbox and then try to share it.